Dedication. Commitment. Compassion.

For more than 22 years, Dennis has been an exemplary attorney greatly contributing to the legal profession in the State of Louisiana and specifically in the Greater New Orleans area. He has devoted his life to serving the community through helping people who need able representation in navigating through the legal system.


Dedication. Commitment. Compassion.

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Why you should vote for, Dennis Moore

Dennis Moore has handled cases in the areas of criminal defense law, personal injury, family and domestic law, real estate and civil litigation.

Since 2010, Dennis Moore has worked as a staff attorney with the Capital Defense Project of Southeast Louisiana. For the last 10 years, Dennis Moore has handled multiple 1st degree murder cases over the State of Louisiana as a certified 2nd Chair Attorney.

Dennis Moore is devoting his life to serving his community through helping people that have been entangled in our criminal justice system.


More than 22 Years of Experience

Dennis W. Moore has the experience, knowledge, professionalism, and temperament to serve as an outstanding judge of Orleans Parish Criminal District Court, Section A.


An Exemplary
Attorney for
over 22 Years

Dennis’ Platform:

Bring efficiency
to the court system.


Work along with the Clerk of Court
to incorporate new technology
into the judicial process.


Reduce the
open-case files.

Unsolved Cases

Implement an
electronic filing system.

Electronic Filing

Implement a monthly calendar with index
and docket masters available online so
that cases can be followed by the public.

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Expand the
reentry program.

Reentry Program